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arek galen

Arek Melkonian (“Galen“) is a fourth-year MSTP student at Stanford University. His interests are many, but chiefly consist of alchemy, history, and blood-letting. He is a staunch proponent of the notion that diseases of the body are caused by humoural imbalances. In his capacity as a natural philosopher, he studies the chemistry behind coeliac disease. He found his passion for medical etymology while toiling in the anatomy labs and attempting to stump his (very disinterested) TAs.


daniel asclepius

Daniel Berenson (“Asklepios“) is a fourth-year M.D./Ph.D. student at Stanford University whose thesis research seeks to understand the cellular decision making process that underlies the G1/S transition. When he is not in the lab, he seeks to improve his knowledge of ancient and medieval history with a focus on Northern European civilization and languages in addition to those of Middle-Earth and Westeros, with the goal of becoming a lore master.

jeff maimonides

Jeff Cohen (“Maimonides“) is a second-year medical student at UCSD. His love of history stretches back to his days in middle school and high school, when he was enthralled by stories of ancient Rome and Greece. He loved it so much, in fact, that he decided to major in history while attending UCLA. This gave him the opportunity to learn more about subjects he was already familiar with and to explore new topics, including the history of medicine and science. He plans on pursuing his interest in history during medical school in the hopes of enlightening others and becoming a more well-rounded physician.