If you want to do well on Step 1 of the USMLE, you will need to be able to answer two-step reasoning questions like the following:

A 38 year old morbidly obese woman presents to neurology clinic complaining of difficulty reading in bed at night. She has noticed that she is unable to keep her eyes open and thinks she may be overtired, although her husband says he has not noticed that she has had trouble sleeping or has been snoring excessively. Laboratory tests reveal antibodies directed against a postsynaptic molecular target.

What is the etymology of the most likely underlying cause?

A) Greek, “Condition of no breath/not breathing”
B) Neo-Latin, “Tasteless running through/siphoning”
C) Greek, “Condition of colored blood”
D) Greek, “Condition of purple”
E) Neo-Latin, “Condition of heavy-no-strength mice”

Leave a comment below on what you think the answer is and which conditions the other answer choices denote!