Cool Plurals Part 1

Playing the singular/plural game is always fun (at least to me), so here is a short aside with a few of my favorites that relate to the topics I lectured on these past few weeks:

  1. Apparatus → apparatus
    Origin: Latin, ap- (toward) + parare (to set)
    A piece of equipment, i.e., something that “sets you toward something”
  1. Foramen → foramina
    Origin: Latin, forare (to bore)
    An anatomical hole or opening
  1. Fossa → fossae
    Origin: Latin, fodere (to dig)
    An anatomical ditch, with only one open end
  1. Octopus → octopodes
    Origin: Greek, octo– (eight) + podos (foot)
    The animal with eight feet

Can you think of the plurals for these words? Leave a comment below!

  1. Plexus
  2. Isthmus
  3. Duodenum
  4. Platypus
  5. Rhinoceros (!)

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